Book: On The Receiving End

(draft content as at 2022-06-23)


Volume 0:      About This Book:   ‘On The Receiving End’

  • Why the title?
  • Why I scribe it?
    • Raison D’Etre – a vital history of a community valuing a special place
  • Publication format: as a webbook, instead of printed or eBook EPUB?
  • Choosing nonfictional subjectivity, honestly!
  • Who Benefits?
    • Publicly available – print, download
    • Free, I do not earn a cent, rather expend 
    • My PhD postnominals
  • Becoming a Dynamic Book – perpetual, protocoled delegation for ongoing authorship..intergenerationally?


Volume 1:      A Special Place:  Katoomba Falls Creek Valley



Volume 2:      A Pre-1957 Impoverished Rich History of The Valley (‘The Gully‘)



Volume 3:     1957 and Blue Mountains Council’s Catalina Racetrack Invasion



Volume 4:     Local Activism:  Friends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley Inc.



Volume 5:     A Litany of Selfish Threats to ‘The Valley’



Volume 6:     Neil’s Community Vision  ‘The Gully Guardians’



Volume 7:     On The Receiving End –  Blue Mountains Council’s Bureaucratic Hate and Thwarting of Local Community Goodwill



Volume 8:    Reports and Plans for The Valley over decades..all systemically  mothballed by Council


Volume 9:     Gundungurra Elders Usurping Control over The Valley 



Volume 10:     Blue Mountains Council’s Planetary Health Centre confidentially pardons its Katoomba Golf Course Scam



Volume 11:     The Litany of Selfish Threats to ‘The Valley’ Perpetuates



Volume 12:     References

  • Neil Stuart’s 26 years of passionate volunteerism for the local community 
  • The Neil Lewis Stuart Archive
  • Special Credits
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Media – images, photographs, maps, audios, videos, ephemera










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