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The Gully’s upland swamp in pristine condition in 2021


The Gully in Katoomba is a natural creek valley water catchment. 

Several watercourses that flow generally from the Cox’s Watershed of the central Blue Mountains (which the Great Western Highway mostly follows) and with tributaries east and west that converge to Katoomba Falls Creek which flows over Katoomba Falls on the escarpment of the Jamison Valley. 

Rainwater that becomes surface water and ground water flows over Katoomba Falls into Kedumba River within the Greater Blue Mountains World heritage Area and those waters contribute to sustaining riparian ecology and ultimately to Sydney’s drinking water.

Most of the remnant bushland and interconnected swamps through The Gully (that has not been sold by Blue Mountains Council for housing and other land use development) was gazetted as Aboriginal Land in 2002 under the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1974 (NSW). 



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The Gully Collection is this webpage and since The Gully is predominantly Community Land under Council’s custodianship, the content on this webpage is in the public domain.  We just ask that any use of the content be non-commercial and referenced back to The Habitat Advocate source and to this webpage ‘The Gully Collection’ as we call it.


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