Conservation Campaign Consulting

With twenty years experience in environmentalist conservation campaigning throughout the Blue Mountains and Tasmania, The Habitat Advocate from 2020 is offering grassroots community groups Conservation Campaign Consulting services.  Services include application of our unique Habitat Campaign Method, Campaign Strategy Advice, Campaign Organising, Campaign Communications, Campaign Project Resourcing, Campaign Issues & Threats Analysis, Campaign Publicity, Group Formation & Rules, Risk Management,  Campaign Support Networking, Referrals to Conservation Experts, and more.


Critique of Environmental Reports

We offer our expertise in critiquing Environmental Impact Statements (EIS),  Reviews of Environmental Factors (REF) for specific land use development applications in New South Wales.


Conservation Website Design, Column Writing, Documentaries

We are also web designers and offer complete website design services to conservation minded clients.  We also help train in crafting letters to newspapers, blogs, social media, column writing in newspapers, photography for campaign publicity and in producing and directing environmental documentaries.


Nature Conservation Strategies, Plans and Policy Design

We offer community-based environmental groups guidance in formulating Nature Conservation Strategies, Plans and Policy


Blue Mountains World Heritage Workshops

From time to time, we offer guided interpretative World Heritage Workshops in the field throughout the Greater Blue Mountains Area, focusing on specific ecological topics    We limit our group sizes to a maximum of six participants.


Our Pricing:  

We operate on a below cost recovery basis charging as little as $30 per hour for group consulting. We charge $30 per hour per participant for for  plus travel costs of $2 per kilometre travelled if any travel is required.


Our Payment Terms:

Our policy is C.O.D. upon delivery of services to prior agreed specification.  Customer credit card details are obtained upon booking at an agreed set fee per required task, then the transaction is processed upon service delivery.  We use PayPal and accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.


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