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On August 6th, 2011 Tigerquoll on stated:

to know one’s fate


Globalisation is evangelised as the modern religion of humanism.  But dare criticise it and so invoke the blind wrath of SBS devotees, and be cast out, branded a facist racist and persecuted as if a 1692 Salem witch – burned at the stake!
Yet the demise of local values, endemic plants, endemic animals and traditional peoples are under barrage from the human pathogen. The torrent of human numbers, morphing influence and power out of the hands of incumbent local populations into the hands  of the immigrant, who arrives, breeds, colonises and usurps.  At least Julius Caesar left after he came, saw and conquered. 
Every immigrant (alien) who steps off a plane, every introduced plant (weed), every introduced animal (feral) compounds the human pathogen against endemic species and peoples. Our 21st Century has the most humans ever. Climate change is not the problem.


Beachhead immigration in Australia has prevaded local society into becoming a preferred choice of Labor MPs.
It’s no different to VicForests logging Potoroo forest habitat throughout Victoria’s East Gippsland and then introducing sheep. Then there is the bizarre argument of one breed of ferals proclaiming more rights over that of another.

the absolute power of our species



Read the following article:

‘Deer culling attracts wild dogs’

[Source: ABC, Wednesday, 20110427, ^]
‘Wild dogs are encroaching closer into urban areas of Victoria’s east Gippsland.

Leo Hamilton, retired agronomist and 40-year landholder, has lost $1,000 worth of sheep to wild dogs in two months at his fine wool enterprise on the outskirts of Bairnsdale.
He says a formerly minor dog problem is escalating, as shooters try to control feral deer, and their fallen carcasses attract other pest animal predators.
“Sambar deer is not the sort of thing you throw in the back of the ute and cart off. You are talking 300-400 kilos of meat,” he said.
“And you talk to the truckies and the truckies have got the same problem. If they hit one on the road, it is two and half grand to fix the truck.”
Mr Hamilton says wild dogs were controlled in the past, but the behaviour of the large dogs has changed from shy killers for food, to aggressive and savage attacks that maim sheep.
“What is different about this attack is they are not predictable. In the past, the dog has come in and eaten the sheep, but these are unpredictable as they come in at any time, don’t eat the sheep, they mutilate the sheep, they just play with the sheep and maul them.”
Mr Hamilton says the culled feral pest deer weigh 300-400 kilogram, making them too heavy for shooters to remove.
“Their attitude is that they disaster in a couple of days…but they disappear in a couple of days because the wild dogs and foxes eat them.”
He says the wild dog problem is escalating and growing as the sambar deer population spreads to the outer urban areas.’




No mention of the indigenous Potoroo in all that. The controlling ferals are debating inter-feral rights, while the indigenous are ignored, forgotten…relegated to history’s underclass.


The terror of invasion.  The defeat of a people and their cultural annihilation – resigned, racial hopelessness in the face of an invader’s genocidal ‘business as usual’.
Dominant sociopolitical dogma embraces, prescribes and propagates globalisation as global benefiting from cultural sharing and harmonisation of wealth, living standards and life expectancy. Hence AUSAID is hell bent on parting Australia’s wealth to Third World prolific breeders of humanity.
But Globalisation erodes all labour industries in societies that have embraced human values of a safe, healthy and meaningful workplace to those backward sweatshop societies that couldn’t give a damn. This is why Australia’s unionised manufacturing which hard fought for OH&S standards has succumed to off-shoring who couldn’t give a damn about their workers.
Cheap products are human cheap, they dismiss human labour as ‘cheap’ – cheap in cost and cheap in value – cheap and nasty.  99% of all products sold in K-Mart are made in China, where cheap labour has supplanted Australia’s manufacturing base.
Globalised competition can force a ‘race to the bottom’ in wage rates and labour standards.  Profit-imperative employers and government employer-sympathisers brand it euphemistcally ‘trade liberalisation’.  Free enterprise in globalisation spares small operators no chance against the market might of multinationals.  Only the big survive.
Indigenous and national culture and languages are being eroded by the modern globalised culture – the United States imposes Sarbanes Oxley on the rest of the planet who wish to trade with it.

the tenet of  globalisation

Currently ecological conservation efforts are being made to deal with the rabbit population on Macquarie Island in a bid to save and restore the indigenous fauna populations and their habitat.

habitat reduced to islands


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Snowy River Region
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